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How do I contact you if I have any questions about the camp?

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have at:

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What will my child receive on the day of the camp?

The athlete will receive quality instruction from NFL, College, and successful high schools coaches. The athletes will get a Chris Maragos Skills Camp t-shirt, cinch backpack bag, lunch for both days of camp, and additional items in cinch bag.

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How old do you have to be to take part in the camp?

The high school camp is open to athletes going into grades 9-12.

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Is there a registration deadline?

The deadline to register for the camp is June 21st, 2014. We are on a first come, first serve basis and as soon as we reach our camp capacity, we will end all registration which could be before June 21st.  Be sure to register here before spots fill up

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What time do camp attendees need to arrive?

We ask you to arrive at least 45 minutes before the start of camp to allow time for registration. Camp registration will open at 8 am. Campers will need to bring their printed and signed medical release forms to registration.

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What should camp attendees bring?

Athletes should wear comfortable clothing suitable for practice; shorts and t-shirt are recommended. Make sure to wear/bring football cleats and gloves.

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What if my child is an average athlete or is just beginning football?

The camp is not designed for athletes to get down on themselves if he is not keeping up with the other kids. It is based on positive reinforcement for each participant’s individual effort. The coaches pay close attention to each camper and make sure they improve at their own level of ability. If the athlete is just beginning, the camp is probably not ideal for them. They will need to know what a practice is like and what is expected of them on the football field. Things that are learned with some previous tackle football experience either in school or in an organized football league.

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Is the camp advanced enough for my child?

We feel it is very important to challenge athletes to raise their skill level and focus on going to higher levels. We make a special effort to ensure every participant gains valuable experience and knowledge from the coaching staff. We make sure the athletes are matched up with others of the same talent level to maximize their skills level.

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Do the kids get an autograph?

When camp comes to a close there will be time for the campers to get autographs. Campers are welcome to bring their own memorabilia to have signed. Parents are also welcome to take pictures at the end of camp.

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Is there someone available if my child is injured?

A medical trainer will be on site for all minor injuries and preventative care. Medical clinics and a hospital are near the practice facilities and a phone is always on-site for emergency situations.

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Who are the coaches for the High School camp?

Our goal when we line up a coaching staff is to present a wide range of expertise that allows an athlete to relate to different levels of success. The pro athletes really make it fun for the kids, but the celebrity players involved in the camp are only a small part of why our camps are so successful. Our staff features top local high school coaches who have a proven track record of successful teaching skills.

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Are the celebrity athletes really there for the High School camp and help coach?

Yes! The athletes are not only scheduled to be there, but they take an active role in the practice. We are very lucky that all of the celebrities involved in the camps are there because they care and they want to be there. They are involved with all phases of the practice schedule and will be hands on with the athletes.

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Can you explain what you do during the High School camp?

Our camps are non-contact. We stress fundamentals, form and technique, with a focus on quality instruction for each and every kid in a fun atmosphere. We not only hope to teach them skills to make them better athletes, we hope to stimulate their general interest in sports. This will include an emphasis on good work habits, self-discipline, faith, motivation and self-confidence. Our practices are intense, upbeat, and crisp in tempo.

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Are parents allowed to come and watch?

Absolutely. We encourage parents to come and watch. There are bleachers at Indian Trail High School and we just ask that parents stay in the bleachers during camp. Parents are welcome to bring cameras and come enjoy a fun-filled day!

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